a buzzing street in a small town with lots of hanging flowers, people walking on the streets and two turrets of an old bulwark in the middle of the background, Valkenburg

17 Exciting Things to do in Valkenburg

Valkenburg is perhaps one of the most popular destinations for local tourism in the Netherlands. The place is buzzing with people and there are lots of things to do and see there: from historical places to industrial heritage sites, to …

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six pictures of windmills in the Netherlands

Where to See Windmills in the Netherlands?

One of the most iconic Dutch landscapes would be the one with a windmill on it, wouldn’t it. Indeed you need to visit the Netherlands for the ultimate windmill experience. Today, there only about 1000 windmills left in the Netherlands, …

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the Maastricht Christmas Market with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in front with lit-up stalls and people walking around and two beautiful churches at the back

Maastricht Christmas Market – Pure Magic and More

One of the loveliest and most fun Christmas markets in the Netherlands is the Maastricht Christmas Market. Maastricht in itself is absolutely worth the visit but if you want to experience an amazing Christmas market, you should for sure go …

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21 Most Beautiful Places in the Netherlands

Most people coming to the Netherlands spend a day or two in Amsterdam, visit Keukenfof when it’s open and take a tour to Kinderdijk or Giethorn. And that’s it. At the same time there are so many other beautiful places …

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a main street in a city with shops and colourful houses, Vaals, Limburg, the Netherlands

Vaals – on the Roof of the Netherlands

At the southernmost corner of the Netherlands, where the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet, is located Vaals – a small town that has, kind of, attached itself to the German Aachen, but still belongs to the Netherlands. …

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