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Ipanema travels to… is about travelling, as the name already suggests it. I will take you to all the places I go or I have already been to. If you wonder what to do this weekend or you have no idea how to spend your holidays, I hope you can find here your ultimate travel inspiration for your next short trip, weekend escape, city trip or summer holiday.

In this blog I put in the spotlight those quirky little towns that nobody has heard of, or those charming little places away of the mass tourism.

Ipanema travels to… was created in October 2016 when I wrote the first post, but I consider as its birthday 15 February 2017, when the blog went self hosted.

All photos featured on this blog are taken by me. Believe me, it’s difficult to make a selection if I end up a day trip with +1K photos. All places I write about, I have actually been to and have experienced them myself.

The author

My name is Daniela and I am the woman behind the scenes of Ipanema travels to... I have started my first personal blog in 2008 when I left home and began my life of an expat in several countries. I have lived since then in France, USA and currently I am in the Netherlands.

I am a linguist by education and have a master’s degree in Translation & Interpreting, and I am working as a freelancer. When I started this blog, I still had a corporate job – a management position in a relatively big international company. However, after working there for 7 years, I decided it is time to quit and go back to freelancing.

I love to travel to less-known destinations, to visit off-the-beaten track places, to get close to local culture, to capture the spirit of the place.

Follow me on my attempt to explore the world with everything it offers us: nature, culture, heritage, colorfulness and mindfulness!

The name

Why Ipanema travels to…? In my early 20’s I was fascinated by the bossa nova and Jobim’s The Girl from Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema). Then there was the mIRC and the ICQ (yes… I am that old) – the dawn of the digital communication, and I had to choose a nickname, so I was like The Girl of Ipanema is too long, let’s make it short, so my digital name became Ipanema. Fast forward 10 years later and I was starting my first blog, so it was quite logical to name it Ipanema’s Blog. It was a personal blog for my family and friends to follow my adventures when I left my home country and started travelling. Fast forward another 10 years and there’s the Girl from Ipanema travelling to various destinations and writing about them in her second blog Ipanema travels to

Where Next?

If you’ve been following me for a while already on social media (if you haven’t, you can do this by clicking on one of the colourful icons below), you should know by now that I am a real last-minute planner. So, I haven’t planned yet much of 2019, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have 1000 ideas about places I want to go to!

Here’s how 2020 looks like so far:

  • Italy (Sicily) in March
  • Bulgaria in July
  • Palma de Mallorca in November
  • ???

Otherwise, stay connected on Social Media to learn more about my trips!

Fun facts about me

In no particular order:

  • used to be a professional dancer, now still dancing as a hobby;
  • spent 5 years studying Arabic at the University, got a degree, and now can barely say a word in Arabic;
  • ex-coffee addict, ended up with 20+ espressos a day, still detoxing;
  • I once thought that if I can dig a hole deep enough in our garden, I would come out at other side of the world;
  • favourite book character – the Moomins.

Visited countries

The interactive map below shows the countries I have visited so far – 32 in total, still 164 to go. Will this lifetime be enough? Yes, I hope so. Click on the countries, to read more about my experience.

Countries covered so far in my blog:

Where I have been Placeholder
Where I have been

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