4 pictures of places next to each other, namely, Val d'Orcia, San Gimignano, Pisa and Lucca, that can easily visited as day trips from Florence, Italy

Best Day Trips from Florence (at max 1,5 hour)

With its central location and good public transportation Florence is the perfect place to start your explorations in Tuscany and in Italy. You can visit thousands of places on a day trip from Florence, starting with Venice, and Milan and …

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4 pictures of places near Venice that can be visited on a day trip from Venice

8 Easy Day Trips from Venice

When visiting Venice for couple of days, you should definitively take a day tour out of Venice. Thus you can explore the province of Veneto and its hidden treasures: architectural, natural and culinary. This post contains 8 easy day trips …

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a church with blue domes at the background and flowers on the foreground, things to do in Padua Italy

18 Amazing Things to Do in Padua

Not very popular among travelers but very much worth the visit, Padua (or Padova in Italian) is a lovely Italian city in the province of Veneto that just waits for you to discover it. Overshadowed most of the times by …

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