4 pictures showing Loire Valley castles in France

10 Most Beautiful Castles in the Loire Valley

If you love chasing castles, one of the places that will quench your thirst, is the Loire Valley in France. Literally dotted with more than hundred chateaux, castles and fortresses, the Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonne has been enlisted …

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3 photos of places in France which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Provence

3 Cities in Provence – 3 Amazing World Heritage Sites

France is home to many beautiful regions, and Provence is no exception. Located in the south-eastern corner of France, bordering Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, the region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur has spectacular coastlines, gorgeous scenery, fascinating cities, and a rich …

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a cable-stayed bridge with some green hills behind, the Viaduct of Millau

Visiting Millau Viaduct – an Amazing Experience

Without a doubt one of the most imposing structures of modern France is the Millau Viaduct (Le Viaduc de Millau). The tallest bridge in the world is an absolute architectural masterpiece. Located near Millau, it spans above the Tarn River …

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a vew of Saint-Chely-du-Tarn in France with the bridge, the Tarn River and the waterfalls

Discover the Adorable Saint-Chely-du-Tarn

Saint-Chély-du-Tarn is absolutely adorable. Located on the road that goes along the Gorges du Tarn, this tiny village is the perfect stop on any road trip in this area in Southern France. Although you can see all attractions in the …

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a canyon of a river with cliffs and green forests and blue sky with few white clouds, Road trip Gorges du Tarn

Road Trip in Gorges du Tarn

This customizable road trip is based on a 7-day itinerary in the Gorges du Tarn and the Gorges de la Jonte. Of course you can make it a 10-day or even a 14-day trip depending on how much time you …

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a small village with an arched bridge and willos at the foregound, Sainte-Enimie in France

Sainte-Enimie – Legends, Princesses and Canyons

The Southern French village of Sainte-Enimie is what you would call quaint, charming, typical French. Too many clichés for this lovely place. But if you visit Sainte-Enimie, you’ll find out that this little place is irresistibly beautiful and in no …

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Aven Arman Cave in France interior lit by colorful lights

Aven Armand – a Journey to the Centre of Earth

Do you remember reading Jules Verne’s “A Journey to the Centre of Earth” and dreaming of taking this journey, descending all the way down there, meeting the weird creatures and plants born out of the imagination of this great French …

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