a church on a city square with blue sky; the best day trips from Maastricht in Limburg the Netherlands

The Best Day Trips from Maastricht

Limburg is that weird piece of the Netherlands that is jutting out between Belgium and Germany. Most Dutch people consider Limburg to be far away and a kind of different, perhaps because of the dialect spoken in this Dutch province …

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a fairy-tale like castle in a theme park in the Netherlands, the Efteling

Efteling – Where Fairy Tales Come to Life

There’s a place in the Netherlands where fairy tales come to life. Literally. You can see the wolf knocking on the door of the house of the seven young goats or the red shoes of Karen that never stop dancing. …

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Rotterdam – the Dutch city that surprises

Rotterdam is not a city that can be easily digested by the tourist in search of windmills and the emblematic stepped gable houses characteristic of the Dutch Golden Age. Rotterdam is the odd one out in the Netherlands – the …

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Island escape? Texel has it all!

If you are living in Europe, you don’t need to travel all the seven seas to the earth’s end to find the ultimate island escape. Just head to the Netherlands. Yep! I know it’s hard to believe it, but Texel …

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