De Biesbosch – a weekend getaway in the Netherlands

There are plenty of places in the Netherlands where you can get away for the weekend, do something nice and enjoy some time away from the everyday stress. One of my preferred weekend destinations in the Netherlands are the national parks. There are 20 national parks and De Biesbosch is among my favourite ones – a natural reserve with unique flora and fauna.

General information about De Biesbosch

De Biesbosch is a natural park located in the provinces North Brabant and South Holland. Its origins can be traced back to the St. Elizabeth’s flood in 1421. The Dutch are very good at playing God, building islands, diverting rivers, changing landscapes. Well, De Biesbosch is one of those Dutch creations where nature has been given the main role. De Biesbosch is one of the biggest freshwater tidal wetlands in Europe, a paradise for birds and birdwatchers. It’s also the home of the beaver in the Netherlands.

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This post has been last updated on 22 November 2020.

De Biesbosch, national park, wetland, natural reserve, the Netherlands

How to get to De Biesbosch

If you travel by car, you can access the park either from Dordrecht, Drimmelen, Werkendam or Hank. You can’t really cross it, so you have to plan your itinerary well in advance, as it might turn out that you have to drive all around it to get at your destination. There are a few car parks where you can leave you car in order to explore the park walking or biking.

A visit to De Biesbosch can be perfectly combined also with a city trip. If you are visiting Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) or Tilburg, you can opt for a day trip to this natural park. It takes only 20 minutes by car to reach the park from Breda, 30 minutes from Den Bosch and 25 from Tilburg. Should you stay in Den Bosch, here is my complete city guide.

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De Biesbosch, the Netherlands, wetland, natural reserve, national park

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Where to stay in De Biesbosch

There are quite a lot of B&B’s and hotels in the neighborhood, but if you really want to stay in De Biesbosch, then the only option is the Hotel De Brabantse Biesbosch. It’s a very charming and cozy hotel with direct access to the yacht marina. So, pretty convenient if you come by boat. You get out of the door and you are in De Biesbosch! The hotel has a restaurant with very decent choice of dishes. There are no other restaurants in a walking distance from this hotel, so if you are staying there, you are kind of stuck to the hotel & its restaurant, which we actually never regretted.

Alternatively you can stay in Dordrecht, Werkendam or in the neighbourhood of Geertruidenberg.

De Biesbosch, natural reserve, national park, the Netherlands, wetland

What to do in De Biesbocsh

Do a boat trip

The best way to discover De Biesbosch is from the water. So, a boat trip is a must-do in the national park. Unfortunately, the boat trip we did is not available anymore.  It was a unique trip with a historical zalmschouw boat. The good news is that there are other opportunities for a boat trip. At the visiting centrums you can book a tour or you can rent a boat yourself.

zalmschouw, boat, De Biesbosch, the Netherlands, wetland, natural reserve, national park


Visit Biesbosch Museum Island

I’m not often impressed by museums other than art ones, but the Biesbosch Museum Island really won me. It’s entertaining, it’s educative, it’s interactive and it’s made beautifully with a lot of taste. The building itself is an architectural jewel. It has been nominated for Building of the Year Award 2016 by the ArchDaily.

De Biesbosch, national park, the Netherlands, wetland, natural reserve, the Biesbosch Museum


Take a walk

There are walking routes with different lengths that will take you to the most beautiful places in De Biesbosch. At each of the visitor’s centres you can take brochures with the routes.

Here is a list with the visitor’s centres and a link to their websites:

  • Drimmelen (Biesboschweg 4, 4924 BB Drimmelen)
  • Dordrecht (Baanhoekweg 53, 3313 LP Dordrecht)

Unfortunately, both websites are available only in Dutch.

Take a lot of pictures

De Biesbosch is perfect for a photography trip, especially if you love photographing birds and nature.

Here you can download a map with some viewpoints and short walking routes in De Biesbosch.

Go canoeing

If you bring your own canoe, there are routes with various starting points: at the visitor’s centre in Dordrecht (here you can also rent a canoe), at Natuurpoort Vissershang, or at Drimmelen. This is a great way to discover the enchanting nature at De Biesbosch.

De Biesbosch, the Netherlands, wetland, natural reserve, national park De Biesbosch


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Which national parks in the Netherlands have you already visited? Which is your favourite one? I’m planning to visit all 20 of them. So far, I have I’ve been to 5 of them: De Biesbosch, Meinweg National Park, Dunes of Loon and DrunenDunes of Texel National Park, and the Hoge Veluwe National Park.

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20 thoughts on “De Biesbosch – a weekend getaway in the Netherlands”

  1. What a lovely place for a nature experience! Visiting National Parks is such a great slow travel choice since it’s usually not touristy and cheaper than going to a big city.

  2. What a perfect and serene little escape! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to track down the Nederland Beaver here !

  3. I I will definitely visit this serene place the next time I visit the Netherlands. I’d never heard of it, so thanks for sharing!

  4. The Netherlands is so beautiful! I only had 2 days in the Netherlands so I only got to Amsterdam and it was only after I left I realized how many wonderful places I missed. I really want to go back and see so many things, including this park!

    • Each country has so many wonderful places off the beaten track that just wait to be discovered! Hopefully you can return one day to the Netherlands.

  5. II have never heard of The Biesbosch but I’d love to check it out! I’m really into nature, and this cozy hotel sounds really inviting. It’s so nice being on the water as well. <3

  6. I loved the Netherlands when I was there a couple of years ago. I have never heard of this place! Now, I’ll have to add it to my list for when I go back 🙂

  7. This was a refreshing post. I love being able to get away from the city life and bustle to regroup in nature! I am looking for my reprieve in the Netherlands soon!

    • Yes, you need to recharge your batteries from time to time, going back to nature. I love city life, but those little escapes make city life bearable.

  8. I love the Netherlands! That’s what I say about museums – first make a visit to a place then go to a museum to find information. This place will definitely be on my bucket list 🙂

    • It’s a pretty huge park, that’s not very popular. It’s good for an overpopulated country as the Netherlands to have such places… Pure nature.


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