The Best Gifts for Travelers: 25 Gift Ideas for Useful Travel Gifts (the 2021 Christmas Edition)

Choosing a gift can be a daunting task, especially with the holiday season ahead. Would the other person like my gift? What is the best Christmas gift for my mom, for my friend, for my significant other? What shall I give my husband/wife for Christmas? Isn’t this too stupid? Are they going to like my present? Is it useful? I know, too many questions, but first things first. Let’s start with answering some questions. Does the other person love to travel? Is the other person a frequent traveler? An adventurer, perhaps, or an outdoorsy type? Is he or she traveling soon? If your answer is YES, then the perfect gift is the travel-related one. What if the other person has never ever traveled? Well, it’s never too late! Give him/her a gift to inspire their wanderlust!

Here you will find various gift ideas for people who love to travel. My selection of travel gifts is based on my own travel experience and I have included travel presents that are useful, that serve a purpose, and which I, as a traveler, use or would love to have. Because, let’s face it, we give and we receive a lot of things we don’t need, or which are simply useless. Show that you are thoughtful person by giving a thoughtful gift.

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Useful gifts for travelers

Here’s my selection of amazing gifts that all travelers (frequent ones, wannabes, business, dreamers, adventurers, weekenders, etc.) will not only love but will actually use.  So, dear Santa, or whoever takes care of my Christmas presents this year, here is a hint for you. A subtle one.

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Travel Jewelry Organizer – this jewelry organizer is indispensable for every woman who travels a lot. It’s a perfect gift for your bff, girlfriend, mother or significant other.

Travel Make-up Bag – this make-up bag comes handy to keep all make-up organized and at one place. It’s the ideal present for every fashionista that loves to travel but also for every woman who travels.

Travel Toiletry Bag – suitable both for men and women that travel a lot. I highly recommend the hanging style as it’s very practical. It’s suitable for travelers that stay in hostels or that are camping.

Travel Bottle you can choose from a silicone bottle, or stainless steel one, or one with a filter. If the person travels internationally choose for a collapsible one.

Travel Electronics Organizer – this organizer keeps all cables and small electronics organized. It is simply indispensable. Every type of traveler would just LOVE it.

Daypack – the packable option is the perfect present for those who travel light or for hikers.

Weekender Bag – a duffel bag for the perfect weekend getaway. Everybody goes once in a while on a weekend escape. It’s suitable for all type of travelers.

Carry-on Luggage – for the business traveler, or for the light traveler. Perfect for domestic and international short breaks.

Swiss-army Knife – great for the adventure traveler or for those who love camping, hiking and outdoors. It is not suitable for the light traveler that travels only carry-on, as it’s not allowed to take it with you on the airplane.

Gorilla Tripod – perfect for those who love to take lots of photos on their trip, or for the solo traveler.

Power Bank – I got one of these last Christmas from my brother and I can’t imagine traveling without it anymore. The perfect gift for any type of traveler.

Travel Guide – if that person is traveling to a particular destination, this is just the perfect gift idea for them. You can also choose for a Kindle edition, if they are traveling light. Isn’t your friend traveling anywhere, this could be the gift that will inspire their wanderlust.

Travel Diary – for the traveler that loves to write or just to take notes and keep memories on paper. I have the Cavallini one and I love it.

Anti-theft pouch / Money Belt – when people travel, one of their biggest concerns is safety. An anti-theft money belt or pouch is a great gift for any type of traveler, especially if it has an RFID blocking.

Travel Espresso Machine – not your regular gift for someone who loves to travel, but if this someone is also a coffee addict, they would love to have one of these. At least I would. It will be perfect for those weekend getaways, or when you go camping. (So, dear Santa, I hope you’ve got the hint.)

Travel Iron – the ideal present for someone who travels a lot domestically. I would not take it on international flights, but if you travel by car, it’s simply indispensable.

Stocking stuffers that travelers will actually use

Stocking stuffers for Christmas are mostly insignificant trinkets that are useless. What if this Christmas you fill up the stockings with gifts that people who travel will actually appreciate? Give this Christmas unique travel gifts that will not only bring a happy smile on each face, but people will say ‘Oh, I actually needed  this! Thank you!

Luggage Tags – this is one of the safest presents for a traveler, something they will always need and will always use. Choose for a classic leather design, or a funky colorful one. If the person is traveling to a particular destination, you can show you attention by buying one with the destination featured on.

Luggage Locks – another present that’s a safe choice for travelers, especially if the person is staying mostly in hostels.

Smartphone Ring Holder – it’s not only easier to take selfies with the ring, but it’s also safer. By holding the ring, it’s more difficult for the thief to grab the phone out of your hand.

Camera Lens Cleanerthe best accessory for every one that has a camera, not only for the traveler that loves to take pictures.

Travel World Adapter – perfect for the international traveler.

Passport Holder Case – a lovely accessory for each traveler. Those with RFID blocking are also safer.

Scarf – a great accessory, not only for travelers. Especially handy on long haul flights to wrap around.

Travel Sewing Kit – for the DYI traveler or just in case.

Folding Travel Scissorsa useful stocking stuffer not only for travelers. I used to have one of these and always brought them with me on my travels, but I lost them a few years ago.

Digital Luggage Scale – the perfect present for the frequent flier.

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What’s the best Christmas present you have ever received? Let us know in the comments! Are you struggling with your choice of a present? Do you have second thoughts whether your gift is something that a person who’s traveling often will love? Share your idea in the comments and I will give you my feedback. Let’s pick up together that perfect Christmas gift!

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