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Ipanema travels to… is about traveling, as the name already suggests it. I will take you to all the places I go or I have already been to. If you wonder what to do on a Sunday or you have no idea how to spend your holidays, I hope you can find here inspiration.

Follow me on my attempt to explore the world with everything it offers us: nature, culture, heritage, colorfulness and mindfulness!

I love to travel to less-known places, to visit off-the-beaten track places, to get close to local culture, to capture the spirit of the place.

All photos featured on this blog are taken by me. Believe me, it’s difficult to make a selection if I end up a day trip with +1K photos. All places I write about I have actually been to and have experienced them myself.


The author

My name is Daniela and I am the woman behind the scenes of Ipanema travels to... No, I am not a professional traveller, neither have I left my job to become a nomad, I am just a regular woman with a regular 9 to 5 corporate job who loves to travel.  I hope my blog will inspire you to use every single day to travel, to discover, to dare.

Visited countries

The interactive map below shows the countries I have visited so far – 30 in total, still 166 to go. Will this lifetime be enough? Yes, I hope so. Click on the countries, to read more about my experience.

Countries covered so far in my blog:

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Where I have been?







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